#25: Dear 30 year old Me (Letter project and Prompt #12)

Hey, I hope you are reading this. It's a few months before your 25th birthday and you are laying in bed trying hard not to cry. Do you remember this moment? Your birth certificate is on the bed next to you, crumpled from where you had hastily pulled it from it's hiding place in that … Continue reading #25: Dear 30 year old Me (Letter project and Prompt #12)

#22: To those out in interweb-land

So, It is quite difficult to post things to your blog when your interwebs and computer decide that instead of failing on the same day, they will take turns failing...for days on end...just to mock your existence. There is nothing more terrifying than opening up your computer, and getting nothing but a black screen....screw the … Continue reading #22: To those out in interweb-land