About Faith


I graduated university with a Bachelors in English Studies with a focus on both comparative literature and creative non-fiction writing. I minored in Women Studies with a focus on Pedagogical Practices. I also have a Technical Degree in Law Enforcement and Security, and an Associates in Applied Sciences focused on Emergency Medical Services. Sounds all fancy right?

I basically have no idea what profession I want and decided to learn a bit in several different fields to quench that thirst for knowledge. But I prefer to write.

I come from a mixed heritage, each one filled with a deep history. I’m slightly obsessed with each one, but the heritage close to my heart is my Irish heritage. You will learn a lot of my deep love for Ireland, and will probably be subjected to Gaelic at some point. I won’t apologize for that.

I’m a Paramedic, which has put a cramp in my writing style, so I hope you hang in there with me as I try to navigate this world I have found myself traversing.

I am a Native New Yorker (not from the city), but I have lived (briefly) in Ireland, Oregon, and Iowa. I love to travel and I plan on dragging all of you with me.

I am an athlete, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a godmother, a friend, and a slew of other titles that one finds thrust upon oneself in his/her lifetime. But I’m currently looking for one simple, encompassing title. Faith.

Welcome to the madness.

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