Beauty In The Disease

I burned image after image, thought after thought laying waste to my mind just to see if I was awake. It's a given, a tidal wave that burns until everything, even my memories no longer exist in this quake. I needed to feel the heat, so I poured what was left down my throat, and … Continue reading Beauty In The Disease


Wishing To Be Heard

As I am sure you have all heard, the United States Supreme Court ruled today in favor of same-sex marriage, completely wiping away the last vestiges of discrimination against same-sex couples wishing to marry. This news comes on the day that my wife, my mother, and I were setting up my wife's and mine wedding … Continue reading Wishing To Be Heard

Writing Challenge: Why Paramedicine?

"You are exhausted all the time and stretched too thin. Why would you choose a career that is mentally and physically draining when you already have a degree and other options?" When I was writing my speech for my college graduation, I struggled with figuring out how to say what I wanted to say, but … Continue reading Writing Challenge: Why Paramedicine?