Facebook Short Poetry Series #16

a story, simple really I swear it has a beginning a middle, and an end, although not always in that order. Let's start though, where all things start, at the end of something that once meant something else but has now become this thing, entity, purpose, but I digress for it is a story, I … Continue reading Facebook Short Poetry Series #16

When I Was Young

When I was Young When I was young I learned of two roads in a wood I did not believe to be yellow, for it was a coward's color, made of caution and weariness. But I was put before the roads, and made to choose. Until I plowed forward, creating a third. When I was … Continue reading When I Was Young

“Are you going to blog about this?”

  Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.-Isaac Asimov   Why yes, yes I am…..although now I can't really remember what it was that led to that statement, but blogging has become somewhat of a regular occurrence for me. Although I have found that many bloggers have something that they focus on within … Continue reading “Are you going to blog about this?”

Day 25: Tangents, Phone Calls, and a Right to Be Wrong

The one thing that insomnia doesn't allow for, even though it allows for plenty of introspection, is lucidity. I rant a lot. I go off on tangents which start me at point A, and ends somewhere along point P except without a clear path of how I got there. I mean, why else would I … Continue reading Day 25: Tangents, Phone Calls, and a Right to Be Wrong