Writing Prompt #11: Write a Haiku, your prompt is Opal

Prompt #11: Opal Haiku

Attempt at English Haiku:

How I hate this form
Yet amazed by its beauty
In what is hidden

Rainbow color shine
Ei how I hate thee so much
it is beautiful

Attempt at Japanese Haiku form:

 understand I
amazed its

color shine
be shocked

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #11: Write a Haiku, your prompt is Opal

  1. Opal, October
    The birthstone of my birth month
    Used to think it plain

    That’s before I saw
    No gem’s a single color
    Opal least of all

    Opalescent prize
    All the shades of sky and more
    Pleased to call it mine
    * * *
    Many thanks for prompting the creation. (:

    • See your creation is so much better. I wanted to shoot the girl who gave me the prompt because I struggle writing in strict forms of poetry, but I am glad that you found some inspiration. It’s a great way to have a conversation between writers; send me some prompts if you feel up to it and thank you for responding. ^_^

  2. You’re welcome, and I’m glad you liked it (I say in between hoots of laughter at your desire to shoot the prompter).
    Strict poetry forms can be a pain, ’tis true. I’d hoped to write a certain virelai, once; hasn’t happened yet, but maybe someday…
    As for a new prompt for you, how about… a 100-word piece (no more, no less) which must involve two of the four following items: A fruit, a song, a hat, a baby.
    Go wild! But not so wild that you shoot me. 😉

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