Forgotten Project #9: Insomniatic

Word is that some words don't exist. Maybe, it's possible....or maybe I'm simply losing it. All that I am, all that can be fighting between drug-fueled dreams, and hectic realities. Tell me, my dear, what is the time the white rabbit has gone, and I haven't had the guts to follow since I last read … Continue reading Forgotten Project #9: Insomniatic

Forgotten Project #8: Letters to My Father

*A letter I never got to write, because I always thought I had time. Dear Daddy, It's because of you that I'll never look at Egg McMuffin the same way again; well that and lakes, corner stores, wild life, Nascar, a beautiful day. When you showed up in our lives Daddy, the world wasn't a … Continue reading Forgotten Project #8: Letters to My Father