Forgotten Project #10: The Tree

A lesson we all shall learn,
when you don’t build from the earth.
Be all, be as, maybe it can seem,
the battle was won with a twist in the dream.
Gnarled, torn, scarred and bare
this is the image I begin to share,
So I hope you understand,
when I’m neither lost or found
that it was you that is there
I’m simply around.

For I am the leaf in your autumn scene.
Shading, changing, biding time
until the descent to the ground.
I’m in the seasons of your world;
for the better, or the worse……
that message needs to be left unfurled.
but for that to happen, I do not have the time
I’m simply the other side of the dime.

Climb my outstretched limb,
with strength in barren wastes,
a comfortable place to rest, in place of the wake
I sway, in the elements of the day.
I’m not always sturdy, at least it’s what they say,
But I come in, with a stronger message to be heard
I cannot build shelter, I cannot lead in turn
for I don’t leave in change of pace
I calmly watch as reality loses face.

To some I’m the place where existence is drawn
sharp knives dig in to leave the scars,
so I burrow further, towards different stars.
See some spend too much time looking up,
but I make sure their feet is steady enough.
My reward is the tears that always fall down,
because I built the foundation for them to sound.

I am all that you may need me to be,
a rocking chair, a wall, a safe haven, a leaf
frozen in purposes fueled in the air
for I am neither found here nor there,
I exist because you believed I had something to share.

In the end, this lesson may be clear
I am the leaf meant to leave,
the limb that breaks apart at a seem,
or the root which slowly feeds
Maybe all, be as it may, or as it may be
I’m just the lesson learned
When life has a moment to discern,
the purpose of all pages left unturned.

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