Dance With Me

Dance with me in the waning light, giggle as dusk settles into night. I will teach you the meaning of the stars, and a universe meant to be seen by us. Can you hear the music of the wind, as we waltz in the breeze. Feel the gentleness of our hands, this is what touching … Continue reading Dance With Me


Where I Begin

What do you want to be? Who are you? What do you do for a living? I cannot give you these answers, you'll simply misunderstand, and I am not living a life, that allows for that strife. I will not try to make you understand who I am. I cannot quantify an existence that just.... … Continue reading Where I Begin

Bright Skies At Midnight

Silverlight invades the corners of the ink-black darkness of midnight. Settling in as old lovers do when they get to caress after too long a separation. You can almost feel the warmth of the moonlight as it dances over now pale skin, standing in the street while the cacophony of the midnight symphony reminds you … Continue reading Bright Skies At Midnight