What do you say?

What do you say to the person who you thought was a friend, but is so cold to you now and you don’t have a clue? What do you say to those who hate you, blame you, for something you did, or didn’t do?

What do you say?

How do you express what it feels like to be so scared, and so hurt, that you constantly make the smallest mistakes? How do you turn to those around you and tell them that you are so beaten, so lost, that you just don’t want to get back up?

What do you say?

To the person that laughs the loudest, but a smile never reaches their eyes? What do you say, when you are the reason a person wants to die?

What do you say?

To someone so afraid to go to work, because the whispers are deafening, that they drown in dark bottles? How do you find the words to talk to someone you thought you once knew?

What do you say?

I thought I once knew,
what friendships meant.
I thought I once knew,
where in the world I stand.
I thought I once knew,
of my own story’s end.
I thought I once knew,
what it meant to be called friend.

Now I’m not so sure,
of the morals of mice and men.
Instead, I’m in Viktor’s lab,
pieced together in vain attempts
at labeling incompetence.
Sad in the bird’s eye view,
of a monster searching for hope.
But with a back made of a target,
and neck hugged in rope.

So what do you say, my old friend?
Of who I am today?
For you knew me once,
can you believe it was only yesterday?
Just don’t cry when you realize,
when you find your words,
you answer now to a grave.
What do you say?

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