To Paris

My heart hurts for those in Paris right now. So much has changed in this world; so much anger and hatred, and senseless violence. All those affected, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.

For everyone ranting and raving on facebook: Now is not the time to sit and rail against this side or that side. Now is not the time to point fingers and scream about closing borders. Now is not the time to rail and preen in your own righteousness.

Now is time to show love and support for those whose lives have just been destroyed. Who have had their realities torn apart by said ignorance, and said hatred. We as citizens of the United States know what it is like to have tragedy bring us to our knees, and destroy our hearts. Show love, show compassion, and remind those whom this tragedy has touched so deeply, that they can overcome. That they will never forget, but they will heal, and that they won’t heal by holding rage and hatred in their hearts, but with love, compassion and hope.

Hope that life will continue on. Hope that the world will stop hating each other, and start working towards making a peaceful world. Hope that the future will be stronger after this tragedy, and will know how to overcome any future tragedies.

I do not know a single person involved in today’s tragedy. But I love them, and I saddened this world has lost their lights. My love to Paris. My love to France. My love to all of you.


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