To Paris

My heart hurts for those in Paris right now. So much has changed in this world; so much anger and hatred, and senseless violence. All those affected, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. For everyone ranting and raving on facebook: Now is not the time to sit and rail against … Continue reading To Paris



Define normal It’s what I know when I’m with her May not be yours but I’ve never asked for your approval. We grow up forgetting what “human” means until we are filled with the overwhelming need, to rejoice in another person’s being, only to be cut short when someone asks what it means. Then ugliness, … Continue reading Definition

Forgotten Project #6: Forgiving the Ghosts of Lives Past…

Ever think back into your life and simply cringe? Or maybe you get that heavy feeling and are suddenly inundated with hatred and regret? If you haven't then I'd guess you'd be lucky because I do. I look at who I once was, compared to who I am now, and I shake my head with … Continue reading Forgotten Project #6: Forgiving the Ghosts of Lives Past…