Define normal
It’s what I know when I’m with her
May not be yours
but I’ve never asked for your approval.

We grow up forgetting what “human” means
until we are filled with the overwhelming need,
to rejoice in another person’s being,
only to be cut short when someone asks what it means.

Then ugliness, betrayal,
broken attempts at labeling incomparable truths.
Until what one feels must be right
makes all opposites wrong.

We branded sick lot,
understand that our illness is not of our own.
It’s a symptom of a world
so bent to define what is undefinable.

Whisperings of vitriol spill into the air,
and collective blaming lands on us,
We, the reflection in your mirror
Broken because you can’t stand your own sight

Jealousy is never a meaty main course
you just wear the façade of one well fed.
But shattered glass litters your feet,
our images still reflecting there.

Risk all you have,
cling to righteousness as history repeats
only for you to ask, as broken bodies lay upon your feet,
why you feel no relief.

Its then that I hope you see me,
Standing here, now, in this moment,
Asking you to define what you feel so strongly for
and realize you are exactly like me

without a definition to spare.

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