Bright Skies At Midnight

Silverlight invades the corners of the ink-black darkness of midnight.
Settling in as old lovers do when they get to caress after too long a separation.
You can almost feel the warmth of the moonlight as it dances over now pale skin,
standing in the street while the cacophony of the midnight symphony
reminds you that each day begins, and ends, with a moonlight kiss. 

Cold seeps in, but not bitter as it can be.
Nothing can be bitter in this light.
Shades of blue-grey, blue-green, that can only exist when mixed with moon white
bounce off the clouds and grass that always seem to move in different beats,
one racing across the sky, the other swaying gently to mimic the sea.

My home.
It never shines this brightly under the sun,
and I smile as the night sky welcomes me to its new day.
The cool breeze telling me the story of waning summer heat,
and oncoming winter that will drive me to look up through a window.

Until I can once again dance bare-skinned under the full light of the stars in my sky.
When the world speeds up, and slows down, enough to truly gaze in wonder of it all.
How this world never fully sleeps, and time presses on whether I take the time to stop
and cast my own pale eyes to the pale night that shines.
Oh does it shine.

My bright skies at midnight.

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