Hearing My Beating Heart

I may burn like fire,
I may shatter like glass,
I may have shackles
attached to heavy bags.
I may spend my life
picking up the pieces
of what makes me human.

I may let you glance in,
see me through the cracks.
I may paint over the scars
that were placed by my hand.
I may be vulnerable
and tremble when my ground shakes.
I may have sharp edges,
that sting when hugged too close.

I may have eyes,
that have seen too many horrors.
I may be caught staring,
shifting grey lost a thousand miles away.
I may continue to stand
when my legs are too tired to hold.
I may have a boisterous laugh,
a little too forced into making it last.
It’s just the risk I have to take,
a choice I make each day.
A ship holding on water,
Trying not to shame the light
fighting to get through.
Just to live like I have a heart
that hasn’t been broken.

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