Forgotten Project #11: Fear

The dark, the light
knowing, unknowing
no this isn’t right
I can’t find it
something is missing
where, where, where
It was just here.
A second ago, it was
there was a sound
I felt the sound
I felt…
no it’s hear..
Can…can you see?
See it?
It seems the same
except, wait no,
it isn’t, it isn’t
yet…yes, it is
It was taken
Will I be as well?
Is that the answer?
Do you know greater fear than knowing?
it was taken in a sound
I saw it.
I never had the chance to be unwilling
how we were the same
the sound, the cause and me.
We were the same
millions a statistic,
results to actions all fueled
by the same knowing.
the answer to the problem
a simple reason
what do you know if it?
of fear and us.
what do you know
of the sound
and how it felt
when it brought everything

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