Forgotten Post 12: Voice

What’s the difference between a poet and a king?
Royalty and you and me.
Maybe you’ve forgotten,
it has been so long since the days
where poets were more dangerous than a blade
for what better way,
when one aims to misbehave,
the settle words upon the masses
that will haunt them to their graves.
Kings go down in history true,
as great rulers, or ruthless and cruel
but in classrooms it wasn’t their speeches
or rulings that are preached
but the poets rhyme, asking the student
what does it mean?
So what does it mean
when you approach someone and ask,
who has more power?
A poet or the queen?
and in general the queen may be the answer
but not all is at it seems.
The poet would be the first murdered
for questioning the Regime.
So take these words, listen and believe
My thoughts are more dangerous than they seem.

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