Who Are You?

I was scrolling down Facebook, and seeing all these quotes about life and love from people and started to post the ones that hit me within the first seconds of reading them and then I stopped.   And I looked. Truly looked. Looked at the words that penalized, or justified actions. That said yes, hurting … Continue reading Who Are You?

Forgotten Post 12: Voice

What's the difference between a poet and a king? Royalty and you and me. Maybe you've forgotten, it has been so long since the days where poets were more dangerous than a blade for what better way, when one aims to misbehave, the settle words upon the masses that will haunt them to their graves. … Continue reading Forgotten Post 12: Voice

Forgotten Project #7: Facebook Short Poetry Series #20

waking to the days fly by, wondering why passion walks away maybe it's purpose, or pure fantasy but I forgot these words somehow they are lost in the tapestry. it is there, I know, in a person once so bold, until daily doldrums took hold. let it be let it be let it be the … Continue reading Forgotten Project #7: Facebook Short Poetry Series #20