Forgotten Post #14: Drew

It was the tap, tap, tap
twisting words into a message
that belted out the sound
tap, tap, tap
I first heard it when I was young
it was a scratch then,
a thump against a cage
made of bone and wisdom.
Sing for me, they said
as I stood trembling before them.
Instead I cried,
unsure of what it all would mean.
Teachers teaching me everything
but what I was supposed to be.
You aren’t ready,
you aren’t committed
excellency is achieved at 10,000 taps
of fingers on keys
belting out words for them to see.
So I closed my eyes,
turned away and then…and then
tap, tap, tap
it whispered, drew me back in.
I had forgotten the feel
of purpose for something other than…

I was ready back then
ready to change the rhythms
that only existed for them.
Tap, tap, tap,
I lost faith when you took my proof
of the story I had to tell,
but I found it once again.
In the dusty corner,
the gentle tap greeting me
as it did way back when.
So I’ll keep the floor
and the room the same
the sound forever the beat
of a name I’ll never remember.
But I’ll sing it anyway
until the tap finally tapers away

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap

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