Hold back, hold on,
letting go is too easy
there is a catch,
there has to be,
something, something
give it meaning,
tell me what is needed
to be heard,
before it slips through
the thin grasp I have.
Let go they say,
let it be free,
but there is a catch,
always a catch you see,
if I let go,
the freedom will cost
it always does,
a price, a price,
immortality is never free.
Freedom isn’t some
five finger discount on sale
to those all willy nilly.
No, no a cost a cost
letting go requires payment
requires loss.
let go they say,
stop holding on,
let free the grasp on reality
let go of the world I know,
but they don’t understand
they don’t get it,
my hold is tenuous at best
letting go is a price
too high to pay
too dangerous a game,
if I let go,
if I give the last piece
I won’t be able to come back
not from the place I’ll eventually be.
No, slipping back isn’t worth
the loss of losing me.

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