I Heard Once Said

I am I am
the jar did say,
but still rising
in temperate
with still wise things
and unwise, and still.

I know why,
it sings,
the smoke rising
from blue gardens
and men and women
stare at the green light.

Shall I go?
adventure calls
and with the
thrice turns
I am standing
where I always stood

for the past never changes.
Gentle souls cause the most hurt.
Unmeaning but still the same,
I am, I am,
the patter of the beat
and I am left wondering.

Where did they all went,
I mean go,
I was there once
and wildness and folly and madness
were my friends
my mad, smiling friends.

I am here.
Floating in imagery
and purpose
I mean, I am meaning,
I have it here,
its in the carriage

for I am off to meet my old friend.
We had stale crackers,
on the hat, and used
chipped cups for tea
and I am, I am.
I heard once said.

the bell rings once
I am

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