I have seen lands of green, oceans of blue.
Watched the sun rise and set on opposite coasts,
and cast wishes on midnight stars.

I’ve felt the give of grass under my feet,
and bathed in the heat of the unrelenting sun.
I’ve befriended the crushing cold, of a mid-December snow.

These, this, is what I know, I know.

Then there was you,
and all I’ve ever known, fell away.
Until I was left with one absolute,

All I want to know…

is how to make you smile, on grey days,
how to be strong, when you don’t have the strength
and weak, when you need me to.

I’ve known, more than I care,
of the roads of heaven and hell.
and yearned for the satisfaction of home.

But I would give it all up,
to listen to the beat in your chest,
and know the taste of your skin, in the early morn.

We’ll go, to where the road ends, my love,
And step into the unknown.
I’ll follow, wherever you go,
and earn the spot at your side.

For this is what I know,
I will always follow you into the dark.

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