Fancy Schools

A/N: I have no words…none…it’s bad…why am I doing this?

When I was in college I was told, yes told, that I would be part of the honors program for my department. When I went in for a meeting with the interim director, she told me that she wasn’t allowing creative thesis projects that year. She said, and I quote verbatim, “A creative thesis won’t get you into a fancy school…” The look on her face when I told her I wouldn’t be applying to graduate school was priceless. I then pitched a fit and was ultimately allowed to write a creative project. My friend posed a prompt for me and this is how I responded…I hope I was being silly and not serious…This would be around 2009

“What would make someone think, even for a moment, that a critical thesis has more power when applying for a “fancy school” than a creative thesis would?”

Unfortunately, I must suggest,
Before time constraints make me digress,
That critical theses are considered best
for reasons not clear, but have survives time’s test.
In other words, if it helps you see,
there’s a reason for the standards to be
And even though it sounds like bull to me,
There must be something they base the key.
So pardon me for speaking so plain,
as looks like your creativity has been lost in vain-
You shouldn’t lose heart,
but if you know the rules,
why aren’t you playing the game?

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