Love to Hate

A/N: No date for this, but it gave me chills reading it. I had almost forgotten how it felt to have someone in my life tear me apart…

Life, something I love the most.
I see it everywhere I go.
Activities I love to do,
what makes me see things anew.

Education, work, programs,
things to learn and love.
I never try anything,
without starting with love.

But I don’t know why,
I have that hope.
Because every time I do something,
someone else makes it a joke.

I take the things I love seriously,
and tend to do things right.
And you turn around,
bringing my loves into uglier light.

You are the reasons why,
there are scars on my wrists.
Why my cynical outlook,
is at the top of my lists.

You are the reason,
my hopes start to die.
you made me forget,
to smile.

I hate waking up,
because in my sleep,
I am safe from you.
And your destruction of my waking state.

I don’t pull power trips.
I just know how things go.
If you don’t like it too bad,
there is the door.

You have destroyed,
all the love I had for life.
Now you are faced with hatred,
that you don’t like.

Too bad,
you reap what you sow.
Because this is how it goes.
When my love turns to hate,

At your hands alone.

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