We need to talk, please take the time.
Look me in the eyes
somewhere along the way
I lost you my friend. 
this is hard to say.
Somewhere the road diverged
and I have no idea where I went wrong.
But somewhere you disappeared,
and now the way back is too dark to see,
and the road ahead fills me with dread.
Where did we go wrong?
Tell me so I can make this right.
Something is screaming inside you,
the loss of innocence is too strong.
Please hear me, I’m calling your name.
I see you,
I see you drowning in the bitterness,
I see you drowning
I hear them telling you to swim,
while holding the life-saver with them.
I see you facing the bitterness of betrayal,
I see you giving in.
please, we need to talk.
your scars are bleeding again,
the ground is muddied where you tripped.
You can scream, you can cry,
you can hurt, it’s okay.
It’s okay.
We can stay up all night.
To find the way back to your grace.
this is worth the time.
You are just trying to save our life.

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