Awake at 4am

The nightmares don't go away. They settle into the night alongside the sounds of gentle snoring and the shifting water off the darkened fishtank. Nighttime is loud, and ominous; not for the darkness, but for the stillness. The time that stretches between midnight and daybreak is infinite, unwavering, unchanging. I sit in it, sometimes trying … Continue reading Awake at 4am

Forgotten Project #9: Insomniatic

Word is that some words don't exist. Maybe, it's possible....or maybe I'm simply losing it. All that I am, all that can be fighting between drug-fueled dreams, and hectic realities. Tell me, my dear, what is the time the white rabbit has gone, and I haven't had the guts to follow since I last read … Continue reading Forgotten Project #9: Insomniatic

“Are you going to blog about this?”

  Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.-Isaac Asimov   Why yes, yes I am…..although now I can't really remember what it was that led to that statement, but blogging has become somewhat of a regular occurrence for me. Although I have found that many bloggers have something that they focus on within … Continue reading “Are you going to blog about this?”

Days 38 and 39: Muddled Mind

"It doesn't necessarily matter what you have in life, you will still aspire for more… We are human and humans aren't perfect…Life isn't perfect and you can't wait for it because it will never happen" paraphrasing my awesome co-worker. Life is a learning experience all the way to the jumping off point, whether it is … Continue reading Days 38 and 39: Muddled Mind