Awake at 4am

The nightmares don't go away. They settle into the night alongside the sounds of gentle snoring and the shifting water off the darkened fishtank. Nighttime is loud, and ominous; not for the darkness, but for the stillness. The time that stretches between midnight and daybreak is infinite, unwavering, unchanging. I sit in it, sometimes trying … Continue reading Awake at 4am

Excerpt from my book “Bike Chain Poetry”

"Easier, Maybe, Possibly" Nonsensical nonsense so nonsense-able that we should feel foreboding. Like he said, beware the jabberwock, grumble twitching squeals of maniacal delight that we believe the idea of the bandersnitch in its glorious frumiosity, easily misunderstood, as all bandersnitches should, in regards to their beside manners. A kiss, maybe, but the warbling bird … Continue reading Excerpt from my book “Bike Chain Poetry”