Facebook Short Poetry Series #5

we shifted the scene to fit our benefit,
and left the losing to the rest of them
forget all you knew, knowing was sold
to the highest bidder to bitter to show
honestly outside of their eyes.
dreamed moments of living a life
before the dying gets done, we survive
because fighting for life is worth the sunrise;
we forget not everyone is alive,
living next to us as if a 9 to 5
was worth bleeding for, screaming for,
settling is bullshit worth being shown the door.
I left it all behind because I desired more,
than pretending to pretend I wasn’t bored.
The scars line like ticks drawn on a permanent shore
setting the history completed before the score.
And you the story all too well
the student fighting her personal hell
crafted meticulously in a mind’s story too brutal to tell,
but it’s all a lie, the strength, the weakness,
given to a name that came to mean careless
grasping for the immortality that is ageless,
a girl living a dying life crying to be alive
long enough to know what it means to happily cry.

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