My Mommy Turned 50

Hi Mommy, Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mommy; I am so sorry that I cannot be back in New York to celebrate your 50th birthday with you, but I know you understand. You are awesome like that, understanding why I had to move away and why it is so difficult to get back even when … Continue reading My Mommy Turned 50

Facebook Short Poetry Series #12

I'm not bulletproof, it all gets to me, the laughter and tears, we exist in the moment where you pull the trigger while I stand in front of you. it's a simple touch, a flex of tendon and bone, and muscles quiver in anticipation, and in the second we are gods bringing down our own … Continue reading Facebook Short Poetry Series #12

Facebook Short Poetry Series #10

We live in fluctuation time spent coming and going unsure of the journey and the destination. But it is a comforting existence that reminds us of the living we once did, and hope to once do again. We, bound in flesh and emotion, a silent generation illuminated by pale screens and media pages live for … Continue reading Facebook Short Poetry Series #10