Facebook Short Poetry Series #10

We live in fluctuation
time spent coming and going
unsure of the journey and the destination.
But it is a comforting existence
that reminds us of the living we once did,
and hope to once do again.

We, bound in flesh and emotion,
a silent generation illuminated by
pale screens and media pages
live for the moments when we remember
what it feels for our hearts to beat
hard against bone and sinew.

A reminder that we simply cannot
recharge by plugging ourselves into the wall.
So we take the reminders that don’t
come in gunmetal or white,
that don’t have ringtones and ringbacks,
we take them in stride,
because remembering the feeling of excitement,
anticipation, not of the newest social information,
but of a soft caress, a gentle smile, of laughter
and the feeling that settles into our stomachs
with strange new sensations we were never taught to know,
is worth the rocks in the road.

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