Facebook Short Poetry Series #9

I’ve had reasons,
seasons and the leaves.
I bowed my performances
and wore it on a sleeve.
We are the unsure generation,
in-flux and afraid,
we made the mistakes
unsure of what debt is left to be paid.
Rhyming, deciphering,
and wanting to be held.
We don’t know what we are fighting,
or if we are on our way to hell.
I’ve had reasons
in the form of family and friends,
I left whole worlds behind,
just to see what would be left.
And upon facing death
I was angry I wouldn’t be its hand,
nothing more than the puppet,
to someone else’s god’s plan.
Pied-piper had his reasons,
and my dreams are fickle at best,
to be something more
in the face of something less.
I’ve had reasons.

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