6 years.... You still strike fear into me so deeply that I want to run and keep running. The distance between us is not enough.... You are the reason I'm afraid to come home. The thief, the conqueror, the beguiling tormentor that you were towards un-innocence and I turn to the reality I have now … Continue reading Rationality


Cold Shoulder’s Sin

I was never the one to fall in line Never belonged to the status quo rhyme. Found that friends turned on you when you thought everything was fine, The cold shoulder is an old friend of mine. Ah memories of those fond times, where the young pretended to be older and their treatment a deserving … Continue reading Cold Shoulder’s Sin

Forgotten Project #4: Unfinished poem

Shine a light on the travesty of men, creatures willing to break each other for an end that means so little in a world that forgets, existence is temporary disease. So we mutter and mumble excuses to please waiting ears that refuse to see tragedy and circumstance that could cause unease for a moment, no … Continue reading Forgotten Project #4: Unfinished poem