Facebook Short Poetry Series #17

I recently learned of the kindness of men,
although the unkindness of ravens left me
without my writing desk and a pen,
and believe me when I say I once lost it all on fools gold
and found myself wondering what i was actually told.
See I believed once, in all that there was to believe,
in knights and kings, Santa Claus and a dream.
And then one day, a shadowed figure stood my way
and spoke of terrible things, truths of kings,
and I shunned all that was said,
Until truth after truth my eyes had met.
So I ran away, ran to a distant place
and hid in the horror I had dreamt.
Until my eyes, one day, landed on a sea of blue
shining in laughter, a little intoxicated too,
and the smile slipped effortlessly across lips,
and the shadow bowed out of the scene
as I watched the world develop a new seam
across the threads the Three always team.
On that day I knew, again, what was once believed
to belong only to those living a midsummer’s dream.
That I was here, I existed in a reality
I once thought only occurred on a movie screen,
But I am loved, and I love in return.
It’s a kindness to which I will gladly adjourn.

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