Paradise By the Dashboard Light…or how I fail as a blogger, either way…

Well, I may not necessarily fail all the time about being a blogger since I don’t really blog about topics, I just post poetry, short-story stuff, with the occasional ranting about some topic or other, but I know I have barely posted anything since August and that shouldn’t be happening because I am a writer who always has the need to write. I just tend to forget to show the rest of the world.

Life has been distracting the last few months, (and pardon my occasional frustrated grammar mistake I am currently fighting with my girlfriend’s pc laptop….oh my mac how I hate that you are broken and not conducive to writing right now…le sigh), but that is nooo excuse.

So, since August I have:

1. acquired an incredibly beautiful, witty, kind hearted, loving of all things Buffy, girlfriend who has literally turned my world upside down. Let’s face it, I’ve been willingly single for 3 years and would still be willingly single if fate literally didn’t intervene….but that is a story for a day when I don’t have blisters on the tips of my fingers making me cry with every tap of a key.

2. I’ve been training, hard, for the highland games where I am still 10th in the country as of this moment. During that time I have lost 30lbs, gained 15 back, and lost another 2. Again, eating out with the new girl doesn’t make it easy for dieting and exercise when you’d rather be in her arms…but I’ve done pretty well for my first actual year of competing which is nice. Although that ended in September, the highland game season for me, January I’ll hopefully will be in Arizona . Adventures adventures, and more to come.

3. Work…the thing that pays the bills and allows me to write without needing to be paid for it. I unfortunately will not be going back to New York for the holidays, but want to during the summer, so I’m saving up, and working overtime to get everything paid for and ready….so I’m also back working at Old Navy as well as my full-time job. It’s a bit crazy, but again, more adventures to be had.

Let’s backtrack:

August was my busiest month when it came to the Highland game events that I participate in, with traveling to these events adding up to almost a full 24 of driving alone. I’ve now been to Wisconsin and Illinois, as well as Davenport IA twice, Mason City IA, Des Moines IA, Downtown Waterloo IA, and the Amana Colonies of Iowa. Caber toss, Weight for Distance, Hammer throw, Stone and Braemer, and everything in between leave me competing anywhere from 5 to 8 hours straight. It’s a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve slept in more gas station and McDonald’s parking lots than I truly care to, mostly because I have enough money to get to these games, but never enough for a hotel. At least my car is somewhat comfortable to sleep in.

Here is a picture of my view at my second to last Highland Game event. Davenport is incredibly beautiful:

My view for the highland games

I got my girlfriend to hop out of my car and take this picture before we drove the 2 hours home. It was a great time and I’m glad that she enjoyed herself. Throwing can be boring for those who just don’t get the sport, but she says she enjoys watching. I think she just enjoys me in a kilt…

I’ve been a bad friend though and have dropped off the face of the planet. There are days when I have all the time in the world, but they are usually spent catching up on the ridiculous lack of sleep I get thanks to my insomnia kicking in full force, but what can you do. I’m a bad pen-pal and I know it. But majority of them get it, I hope…I just want to keep up with my writing..
Which I have actually, it’s just the lack of posting as I have mentioned earlier. So if a writer writes, but no one is around to read it, does it make it purple?
Don’t judge I’ve been up since 4am since I now have a hard time sleeping without the warmth of my girlfriend next to me. I know…I’m pathetic…
and 25!
Keep up with the random. During the month of September I turned 25, and although that post which is written but alas is on my Mac (weeps), it was an adventure consisting of Ihop breakfast and cake, rodeos, cowboy hat and saddle, and my girlfriend making me smile with chocolates, a celtic keepsake box, and a single white rose. It also marked my obsession with 25-50-75. My mother turned 50 in august and my grandmother turned 75. I’m the daughter of the only daughter, and we are all virgos. I’m sure the planets will be aligning soon for our obvious take-over of the universe. Or I’m just going to get a tattoo to commemorate this year, either or.
It’s now well into October, and I know I still have plenty of stories and poems to share and tell, but my fingers are now throbbing, I am thirsty, and I need to prepare for the Meatloaf concert that my girlfriend and I will be attending today. Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Bat Out of Hell, and an excited woman who has me literally falling head over heals in love after giving up on the emotion entirely.
It’s interesting isn’t it? 10 years ago I planned on committing suicide. 3 years ago I gave up on love. And during all of that time, I never thought I would live to be 25. Tis life tis life, until the morrow my friends.

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