Forgotten Project #4: Unfinished poem

Shine a light on the travesty of men,
creatures willing to break each other for an end
that means so little in a world that forgets,
existence is temporary disease.

So we mutter and mumble excuses to please
waiting ears that refuse to see
tragedy and circumstance that could cause unease
for a moment, no this shall not be

More than all, and less thereof
be mindful of purpose, worship what is above
despite nothing being what is all around
we forget, our hearts are a fleeting sound

But abuse we must, it is nature after all
and lay blame for difficulties in a life
that mean nothing at curtain call
except for the joker, who holds the discarded card

The joke you see, is that you think it matters
so we hold justification on high
and put our neighbor below
see it would never be one for all

It isn’t a natural order, for an unnatural choice,
we are born of so little, willing to die for more.
And no responsible ideology would bend its will
to sacrifice it all for temporary fills

It is but a chain, burden with time
we the knowing, who chose ignorance each time
and willingly blind ourselves for the sake of comfort
yet willing to cry out injustice, when it is thrust upon us

We the people, so ideal and sure
we the knowing, who holds the cure
maybe forever is a gift we do not deserve
this, our punishment, for arrogance undeterred

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