Forgotten Project#3: Dear Amanda (Letter Project #28)

Amanda, It's been 3 and a half years since the last time I let myself feel like this for anyone. I thought, in those three years, that I had fallen for someone and I had let infatuations get the best of me, but I was wrong. God, was I wrong... I know that we speak … Continue reading Forgotten Project#3: Dear Amanda (Letter Project #28)


Forgotten Project #2: What Scares Me

It scares me every time my mother tells me she doesn't worry about me, that she knows I always figure it out. I'm scared of the day I won't be able to... I'm scared that there will always be this part of me that is empty. It creeps into my thoughts every once in a … Continue reading Forgotten Project #2: What Scares Me

Forgotten Project #1: Moving In

January 13th, I'm insane...I must be insane. This is ridiculous and scary and new and I must be out of my mind because today I'm moving in with my girlfriend. Now, don't mistake my terror for not being ready, because beneath the nervous facade is a woman strong and sure of herself and her life … Continue reading Forgotten Project #1: Moving In