Lost Days: The Forgotten Projects

You’ve heard the saying before, “Life just get’s in the way.”  Well, I really let it get in the way. Not without reason, the last few months have been hectic beyond any rhyme or reason, but as a writer it is one of my flaws that I have yet to actually address. Well that and I’m also Procrastination’s bitch. It is so easy to put off till tomorrow what you know you will forget about for weeks on end.

So I decided that I’m going to focus, as much as my mind will allow me, on the next 40 days. It is roughly that time of year again, maybe a few weeks off, and I have a lot of half-started projects and completed posts that I simply forgot to upload. That is what I get for creating posts at work and then leaving my USB pen in the computer…le sigh.

So, as you can deduce from the title, the next 40 days will be a project on posting what has been forgotten, my words. I’m not sure if any of you forgot them, but I have, and I made a promise to a man to finish what I’ve started. You never know when your life will change in a mere instant, my father’s death has proved that to my entire family.

So these posts will include letters, life updates, poems and other random writings. Not all of them will be completed, as some of them I am going to keep incomplete to show the world how disjointed I feel sometimes when I’m writing and I suddenly am interrupted. Others will be completed and I will note where I’ve stopped and later added to the project. Some of it will be happy, others will be discarded sections of my book, and some of it will just be so rough. I’m not going to edit much, just let it flow. Sunday starts day one, as it is my one day off this week so I really have no excuse to not post ^_^. I told you, I’m procrastination’s bitch.

Life gets in the way my friends, time to return the favor. Welcome to the Forgotten Projects project.

2 thoughts on “Lost Days: The Forgotten Projects

  1. I can’t wait to resume reading your writings, sometimes they made me smile, sometimes they made me angry or even cry but they always made me think and see things from a different perspective or angle and that my dear is always a good thing

  2. I don’t always understand the things you write about but I know they come from your heart so that is all I need to understand. I love you more everyday and you are an amazing writer. It does my heart good to see how many people follow what you write and how many were bummed when they couldn’t see your work. Keep your talent flowing and never let it stop. I love you.

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