Thrown back to me

2:38 am and I'm at work, refusing to sleep because of rationality. So I think of the tap of the keys and the smooth plastic underneath scarred skin and I find comfort in the reality that I am not special. I saw my vows today, and found myself wanting, because rationality has broken over and … Continue reading Thrown back to me


A slight change in a singular moment and we taught ourselves that it was just imagination. But we are here. I am here, in this time that will cease to exist before the next draw of my breath. It is important to say. Important to note the slight change because they have told us all … Continue reading Slight

Writing Challenge: Why Paramedicine?

"You are exhausted all the time and stretched too thin. Why would you choose a career that is mentally and physically draining when you already have a degree and other options?" When I was writing my speech for my college graduation, I struggled with figuring out how to say what I wanted to say, but … Continue reading Writing Challenge: Why Paramedicine?