Neck Pain

I don't notice it, I don't notice the feel of my fingers over my eyes, lips, chin, only to dip behind me and dig into the skin there. until it's too late. My excuse is that all my friends are short, I can't really hear, I have light grey eyes but I've spent a lifetime … Continue reading Neck Pain


Self destructing

The smell of ice mixes with the wafting stench of sugar in the cola and smoke of the whiskey, a shaking hand tipping the slick, cold glass against trembling lips. Condensation slips onto numb fingers that harshly set the glass down, ignoring the faint whisper that tries to remind that the tumbler is thin, and … Continue reading Self destructing

Forgotten Project #5: Q and A Answer

Question: What makes you take that step forward when you really and truly, deep in your soul, do not want to? What is it? Is it a who? What? And once you move forward what keeps you going forward? "We live this life along the lines others create...we worry and struggle and don't appreciate the … Continue reading Forgotten Project #5: Q and A Answer