Oh I’m Going to Embarrass Myself

Still going through my memory box, and I came across an English Assignment from my 9th grade English class. I even have a date: 04/20/2002....oh god. The assignment was assigned by one of my favorite, and incredibly influential, teachers Ms. Daniels. We were to write alternative endings to Romeo and Juliet...or something like that. I'm … Continue reading Oh I’m Going to Embarrass Myself

Forgotten Post #16: “The Drip”-short story

It was the drip that started it all. It’s an amazing word, don’t you think, both a word and a sound. Drip, drip, drip…it was intoxicating. The sound of it on the pavement drew me in, as I watched the sound come to life with every single drop. It wasn’t like the rain that fell, … Continue reading Forgotten Post #16: “The Drip”-short story