Oh I’m Going to Embarrass Myself

Still going through my memory box, and I came across an English Assignment from my 9th grade English class. I even have a date: 04/20/2002….oh god. The assignment was assigned by one of my favorite, and incredibly influential, teachers Ms. Daniels. We were to write alternative endings to Romeo and Juliet…or something like that. I’m getting that vibe just reading it. Some of my classmates ran with this assignment, but I decided to take a simpler approach……again please remember that I was only 14 yrs old. 

Juliet watched the sleeping form of Romeo as the sun started to slowly rise into the sky. It’s emerging rays lighting the faded night sky. The stars once so bright dimming within the forgotten night. She sighed as the dreaded day emerged. Romeo stirred next to her and opened his eyes. 

“Good morn my love” he said smiling at her. She smiled weakly back. Reality hit them as a knock on the door broke their silence. 

“Who is it?” asked Juliet, sitting. 

“Tis me my lady,” the nurse said through the door. “Your mother wants to see you” she continued as though no door was between them. 

“Tell her I will be right there.” Juliet replied as Romeo quietly retrieved his things. She got out of bed and walked over to him, putting her arms around his stomach. He softly whispered his love to her as he held her in his arms. “I don’t want you to go!” she cried into his shoulder.

“I know my love, but I have to. I have been banished for killing your kinsman Tybalt.”

“But tis wasn’t your fault!” she cried in anguish. “Oh if Tybalt were alive I would kill him myself” she said bitterly.

“So I see anger runs in your blood” Romeo chuckled trying to get her to laugh. 

“That’s not funny you big poof!” she said, slapping his arm playfully; a ghost of a smile played upon her lips. 

“I better head off before the guards find me and use me for sword play” Romeo said, walking out onto her balcony. 

“Oh I wish you didn’t need to go” she mumbled as he tied the rope to the balcony. 

“Why don’t you come with me then? We could live happily in Mantua and never have to deal with this dreaded place ever again” he said looking hopefully at her. 

“I wish I could but I do not think I could leave my family behind” Juliet said slowly, trying to see if she truly wanted to stay. Romeo saw the conflicting emotions pass through her eyes.

“Talk to the friar and send word to me.” he said before climbing down the rope. “Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow…” he called to her before riding away on his horse. She watched until she couldn’t see him over the hills. She went inside just as her mother came in. 

“Hello mother, how may I help you?” she asked, trying to fight back the tears. 

“I’ve come with good news!” Lady Capulet replied smiling. 

“Please don’t keep me in this suspense, for I am sure it will kill me” Juliet replied sarcastically. 

“Okay my daughter! You are going to marry County Paris tomorrow!” her mother replied as her happiness overflowed. 

“Ha ha that is funny,” Juliet replied, sitting down. 

“What do you mean Juliet?” her mother asked. 

“I would rather die than marry him” Juliet said sighing. 

“Your life is too precious for that to happen,” her mother said shaking her head. 

“In order to live you  must die. In order to die one must live. I have lived long enough not to fear death,” Juliet replied coolly. 

“That is enough!” Lady Capulet replied angrily. “You will marry Paris and it is final!” Lady Capulet stormed from the room as Juliet fell on her bed. 

“That’s it I’m leaving” she thought, “I will not break my love’s true love by marrying a man named after a place” she mumbled, grabbing her things. She climbed out the balcony and used the rope Romeo left behind to get down. When her feet touched the ground she took off in Romeo’s direction.

Romeo stopped as he left Verona. He sat on the side of the road and stared at it. “Tis not but a sad sight to see that the place of thine birth banished unto me. But it hurts deep inside to know my true love, my wife, is alone in that fair city,” Romeo said as the sun was fully in the sky. Suddenly a figure rose over the hill, running faster than the wind. Romeo watched as the person got closer and closer. He jumped up when he saw who it was. He ran to meet Juliet as she came closer. She flung herself into his arms, her breath labored. “What are you doing here my love?” Romeo asked, looking at her in wonderment. 

“Parting…is…not…sweet…but…full…of…want” she stumbled as she tried to catch her breath. 

“What about your family?” Romeo said adoringly to her. 

“Tis a name as a rose by which both can be put in the past” she answered smiling at him. He smiled at her, picking her up and spinning her around, while their laughter filled the air. He set her down and gave her a kiss. 

“Now we are no longer a Montague or a Capulet. Just us Romeo and Juliet.” Romeo said quietly. 


The End 


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