Forgotten Project #9: Insomniatic

Word is that some words don't exist. Maybe, it's possible....or maybe I'm simply losing it. All that I am, all that can be fighting between drug-fueled dreams, and hectic realities. Tell me, my dear, what is the time the white rabbit has gone, and I haven't had the guts to follow since I last read … Continue reading Forgotten Project #9: Insomniatic

Facebook Short Poetry Series #15

In dreams we searched for it, fantastic fantasies of whimsy that lead down paths that never knew of potholes skid-marks, or memory ribbons. We sang, we danced, and were unafraid of the tightness in our chest because we knew, we knew, it wasn't illness, or fear, it was happiness, it was Joy, it was peace. … Continue reading Facebook Short Poetry Series #15