Day 18: Part 2…The Day Off

Well as it is titled, this is my day off. Part 1 was written in the early hours of day 18, which means that I hadn’t actually experienced day 18 yet.

And I didn’t actually experience much of day 18 except watching Dante’s Peak, and Volcano, passing out on my couch at 8am, waking up and going to see if my bed came in the mail, setting up said bed, and throwing on sandals to run to the mailbox where my newest Buffy comic awaited me, along with bills. Did I mention the Buffy comic? It’s preeetttyyy..

I haven’t actually read Season 8 of Buffy through. I just keep buying the individual comics because I love the cover art. I’ll eventually get around to hunkering down with the season, but I’m not in the mood to. Yes, I know, I’m a bad Buffy fan, but I’m still slightly bitter about Buffy ending so it will take me some time….No, I do not care that it ended 9 years ago, I still have the bitterness. Season 7 redeemed, somewhat, season 6, but not enough for me to wallow in the despair of having my favorite television show end…..

Yes….I’m a nerd….get over it. I have 2 BTVS tattoos, and if you at this point are  put of by this little tidbit of truth about me then I feel no remorse in telling you. I still love my tattoos. The first BTVS tat I ever got was back in the summer of 06, and the 2nd one was in 2010….Christmas Eve to be exact.

I have 4 tattoos at this point in my life. One on both of my arms, just below my shoulder, one in the middle of my shoulder blades, and one on my left calf. Now, for the fun tidbit, the one on my calf is my favorite tattoo to-date. I’m pretty sure that all the other tattoos I will eventually get won’t be able to replace it as being my favorite. I got it done in memory of my aunt who died from an aids-related illness when I was little. I loved her more than I can actually say, and since I have no memento, no picture, and a vague recollection of what she looked like, this is my only link to her.

For the inquisitive minds, it is a tattoo of a Jade Chinese bowl of noodles with two red and jade chopsticks coming out of it and my aunt’s name engraved along it’s edge. Sounds crazy, but it is an amazing work of art and the artist who did it for me is amazing. I actually lost touch with him recently; I have no clue where in the world he is now….which is sad because if I had my way he would do every single tattoo for the rest of my life.

What was I originally talking about?

Riiiiight….day 18. My day started around 4pm, which is not to shabby for me considering I was awake all night. I slept a good 8 hours, and my house was an extremely comfy temperature thanks to the warm weather outside. I won’t dare speak about a season shift until I am faaaarrrr away from winter…I hate winter…everything is cold, and dead, and it is the time of year I fight depression the most…..hate it hate it hate it.

So after setting up my bed and drooling over my comic, and scowling at my bills, I plopped back on my couch with some semi-homemade chicken fried rice (came in a box), I and dug while reading and watching some movies. Wasn’t until around 7ish that I decided to do something else besides waste my life on the couch. A quick change and I was out the door.

And adventure you ask? Well, as much as speeding to my old job to pick up a paycheck and walking around Walmart picking up groceries can be considered an adventure. I did pick up some fresh vegetable though, since in 5 days I spent 50 bucks in take out…and tonight I spent 80 and got enough to make several meals for the next 3 days.

Lesson in economics kiddies.

I returned home and hauled my bounty upstairs, only to hear my refrigerator gasping….yes I literally mean gasping…it was weird and off putting, and since I was in no mood to lose all the food I just bought I proceeded to kick it until it whirred back to life. Don’t judge….

Other events happened as the evening progressed, a shower, washing laundry in the sink since I just blew 80 bucks on groceries, and here I am, writing to you while nursing a Mike’s Hard Lemonade because I was too cheap to get decent alcohol. I perused that godfather 5 families game my friend has been bugging me to join, and decided to just post my day seeing as my posts lately have been sad, pathetic little beasts that beg me to shoot them whenever I see them.

I’ve spent the last 3 paragraphs debating whether or not I want to get up and go get one of those spanish icepops I bought tonight because I thought it would be fun to try something new, even though I could barely translate the packaging. I am confident that I won’t die, but it is rare that I am that adventurous with my “treats” aka my junk food. But I did translate that they were only 60 calories and had no fat in them so they can’t be all that horrible.

Aside from my adventure out of my house for the first time without having to be at work, my day was pretty boring. Although, I am excited to have stumbled upon some old poetry I wrote in college, 1 in which I shall share as a parting of ways tonight…I kinda want to watch Dante’s Peak again….I may prefer women (annnnd I soooo do) but Pierce Brosnan’s voice is made of yummy goodness. Oh 007.

You Could Be Mine 

Follow the rainbow road,

through Peppermint Stick Forest

and over Gumdrop Mountain.

Follow the ladder up

And take the chute down.

Once you break the ice,

the trouble won’t be figuring the clue,

but not waking up daddy with the mousetrap.

Once you are free, take the reading if its operational,

passed the twister and beyond the Congo.

During all of this, if you don’t wipe out,

say you’re sorry and take a risk.

Then the password will be whispered,

And you can move to the head of the class.

But I’m sure the princess in her tiara doesn’t care,

In this age where empires are lost.

Where concentration and diplomacy,

Are pawns to the underground.

And halos mean nothing

if one does not win in mortal combat.

And only then, when paupers become kings,

And deuces are carefree, this final fantasy

No longer boggles your mind.

But makes this game quite clear.

-Faith T. Davies (c) 2006


Have you ever opened a bottle of liquor with a knife? I saw it once in a movie so I decided to give it a go and go it on the first try, which was exciting.

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