Day 19: Oversleeping and Long Jump Records

I overslept today, and not in the dammit I’m going to be 5 minutes late to work kind of oversleeping, but the I am now an hour late to work kind of oversleeping.

I, completely disregarding my normal routine of triple checking everything before I go to sleep, forgot to switch my phone from vibrate to the alarm setting. Seeing as my sleep schedule is out of whack, I didn’t go to sleep until 8am, and since my body is now refusing anything less than 8 hours of sleep, I didn’t wake up till 4:30…I work at 4.

It was an honest mistake, and my bosses were gracious enough to tell me that it was okay and that I wasn’t in trouble, but the pounding my heart took when I woke up was not fun. I was in the middle of a really awesome dream…in which I now do not remember but I know it was awesome, when a buzzing noise broke through my head. The next thing I knew I was across my bedroom frantically checking my phone.  Now it is only 5, maybe 6 feet from where I was sleeping to where my phone was across the room. But I went from a prone (lying on my back) position, to standing across the room before I even registered what happened. Looking back, it was kinda cool to know I could still move like that, but then I remember the whole “You are an hour late for your sole source of income” thought that ran through my body as I rushed out of my house while still getting dressed.

How was your day?  ^_^

Work was normal as usual, and today was the first full day that I had without mentioning Facebook, or hearing someone mention facebook, which was pleasant. I think after these 40 days, I might do another 40 day challenge. I haven’t decided what I will give up exactly, since I can’t give up blogging because that would be slightly..stupid. But maybe I can give up something inane like fast food, or maybe instead of giving something up I will start doing something for 40 days….That might be my challenge to you, to come up with something else for me to do for 40 days. We will deal with that the closer we get to April, but keep that in thought.

By the way…for those who have seen the movie Dante’s Peak, how come the lake water, which turned into acid, ate the hell out of the boat….but it didn’t disintegrate the fish? I was watching it again, for the 50th time in two days, and it just dawned on me. Which I don’t know if that makes me smart for wondering about that, or really dumb for not picking up on it the other 100 times I’ve watched the movie.

I love disaster flicks. Dante’s Peak, Volcano, Twister, Day After Tomorrow. It is in part with my fascination with storms and other natural occurrences. I’m not saying you will see me outside tomorrow during a thunderstorm, but the world fascinates me. It is part of the reason why I want to become a disaster relief specialist. I want to know how the storms work and how deep their impacts are within communities…It’s part of the reason why I became an EMT and part of the reason I moved to corn-country….

One day I’ll figure out my life…until then I’m just going along for the ride.

Question of the day:

What would you be willing to sacrifice?

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