1 am

I’m not sure what I am doing here. I don’t mean with this blog, because honestly it isn’t that hard to comprehend. A blog is a place where people can write down ideas, thoughts, perspectives, and share them with others. Simple concept.

What I can’t understand is why the hell I’m awake at 1am when I have to drive first thing in the morning for a competition that drains every inch of my being.

But this always happens. Have you ever found yourself, at 1am, suddenly filled with inspiration. You write, or type, as quickly as you can because it isn’t a clock that you are racing, but the droop of eyelids and fought yawns that threaten to derail you the second your fingers pause over the keys.

I have Kelly Clarkson’s new song stuck in my head as I type this. I find music to be one of the more powerful, driving forces in my life. A simple song can suddenly lead to a fury of words strung together.

Some call it inspiration. I call it insanity.

Then again, I am the one awake at 1am writing to on a page that I think no one else will ever truly see. Not until I find my voice. I’m sure I left it somewhere; along with a point.


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