Forgive Me of My Trespasses

I don't belong to you or this place I love you more that I can ever say, But I don't belong Never have. So when I ask you, to understand, to let go, I am asking you for your love, your forgiveness Because I must trespass against you in order to become what you see. … Continue reading Forgive Me of My Trespasses


Sticks and Stones Were the Games We Played

.....When I was younger I was picked on relentlessly. I was so pathetic, that even a foster kid, who was probably experiencing the shit-hole we sometimes call a foster-care system, would degrade me, and this was what, head-start, kindergarten? Fat Lazy Loser Poor Pathetic Dirty Stupid.... My friends were the kids on the edges of … Continue reading Sticks and Stones Were the Games We Played