Writing Prompt #9 What are your thoughts on God?

My thoughts on God are a pain that is sometimes too difficult to bare. I joke around with people when it comes to the issues of religion and belief. I tell people that I believe in "Faith-ism," a conglomeration of different perspectives and beliefs that I have collected over the years that have shaped my … Continue reading Writing Prompt #9 What are your thoughts on God?

In the middle of would-be revolutions

When I was a teenager I got my first taste of political protesting outside of my high school. In a post 9/11 world, tensions ran high in my school in regards to social justice and political ideologies. I will admit fully that I got wrapped up in the nationalistic-craze that hit many of us after … Continue reading In the middle of would-be revolutions

And We All Fall Down

images flicker across screens held tightly shut, pulsing roars in ears that swear they heard whimpers. It's too late, in every scene, flashing memories of what never happened she always had that planned. It would be raining angrily from cheeks that were pale from realizing, they never meant a thing. It's a dangerous reality these … Continue reading And We All Fall Down

Hurt Me Today

It broke crumbled pieces lay in shaking hands that for too long forgot what it meant to hold softly it cracked, slowly at first with tiny sounds echoing as gravity pulled it down to soon-to-be cement floors, hardening quietly it splintered, tracing intricate patterns across once smooth valleys, now dried into graying deserts littered with … Continue reading Hurt Me Today