Hurt Me Today

It broke

crumbled pieces lay in shaking hands

that for too long forgot what it meant

to hold softly

it cracked,

slowly at first with tiny sounds echoing

as gravity pulled it down to soon-to-be cement floors,

hardening quietly

it splintered,

tracing intricate patterns across once smooth valleys,

now dried into graying deserts littered with neglect,

and dying laughter.

it knicked,

away at dried blood that always refuses to flake

until the drops became rivers, rivers into oceans,

no heartbeat

It broke

and cracked,

splintering as it

knicked at fingertips

remember this moment,

carve it into the memory of a desert

longing to be a valley, and

laughter that gargles amongst rivers

that once dreamt of being oceans.

that is the message.

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