#1: Where would you go on a magic carpet?

Writing Prompt #1

To feel the wind on your face, that is the only kind of freedom I know. The stars map out highways in the sky as I race over darkened oceans and slumbering lands. This time, when the world’s most loving, yet destructive, inhabitants sleep; this is the time I love. No anger, or hatred, fills the blurring streets below, and with that fact, true peace fills the empty space. I leant  forward, hurtling down to feel the spray of the waves as the curve of the world revealed a distant land battling with the horizon. The sun revealed itself as the land grew bigger; its’ rays revealing deep emerald mountains that slumbered amongst a blanket of fog. I laid dreamily down upon the carpet, my hand dropped languidly to the water below; my fingers dipping into the cold Atlantic. Waves crashed against the approaching cliff-faces as small islands dotting around the larger island appeared; the sun’s rays finally breaching the earthen walls that blocked the sleeping towns from the dawn. A sigh escaped my lips as a smile finally reached its home on my face. “Home,” I whispered as I pulled up on the carpet, laughing loudly as I stopped at the climax of my ascent, before pulling back into a plummet, swooping over peat fields and bog land. Towns blurred with the gray, green and purple landscape as I raced along the coast, smiling as the city shined in the distance. “Galway,” I laughed, as I twisted in loops before descending into the city square, whooping in pleasure as I tumbled onto the soft grass of Eyre Square, the carpet wrapping around my body as the sun shone brightly overhead.

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