#3 I want you to describe to me what the apocalypse will be like.

The Prompt: I want you to describe to me what the apocalypse will be like. Not specifically any known or prophecized apocalypse but the one you imagine.


This is what I imagine the apocalypse to be if I had to experience it. It’s more of a story than a description, but it’s part of a dream i’ve had before.

Blurred images met my sluggish eyes as I fought my way to consciousness. Something loud is ringing next to me ear, or it could just be in my head, I’m not sure as the world around me starts to become clearer. My eyes are met with piles of twisted steel and rubble. I feel dirt pressing into my face as the dark brown and black, from what I assume to be soot, clears up as well. The ringing lessens, but doesn’t ebb away as my mind fights for clarity.

“Okay, systems check” I mutter into the dirt as I moved to lay face first in the dirt, closing my eyes as the pain that I didn’t realize was there, starts to creep into my mind. I wiggle my fingers into the dirts, feeling it sift through my fingers, confirming my suspicion of ash being mixed with it. “Fingers Check.” my voice scratchy and hoarse, sounding strange in my ears, echoing in the silence. I wiggled my toes, pushing my feet into the dirt as well. “Okay” I sighed again, closing my eyes briefly as I relax into the dirt. “You can do this” I muttered to myself as I will my arms to push me into a sitting position. A sharp pain echoed through my right arm, and my eyes find the deep gash across my bicep. “Fuck” I growl as I inspect the wound. Dried blood caused my shirt to stick to the wound, making moving painful. The ringing in my ears was suddenly replaced with pounding, causing me to moan in pain again. “Someone catch that bus that just hit me” I rubbed my temples to relieve the pressure. A quick inspection cleared my lower body from any serious damage, just a lot of cuts and bruises. I fingered the holes in my pants and shirt, scorch marks and tears through the fabric confirmed my suspicion of some sort of explosion.

The movement aggravated the gash in my arm, causing it to ooze. “Gross” I wrinkle my nose at the would, reaching under my shirt to my tank top and ripping a length of fabric from it. I wrapped my bicep tightly and pushed myself to my feet, finally looking around me. Large beams of twisted metal were all that was left of the building I once worked in. I searched the rubble for an exit, unsure if the twisted metal would hold up what was left of the building. Climbing carefully over the debris, I make my way to an opening that looked like it used to be a window. I pull myself through the opening, holding tightly to the side of the building as my feet find purchase on the pile of rubble below it. I slid down the loose stone, stumbling as my feet finally hit the ground outside. I sighed in relief, putting my hands on my knees as I took deep breaths, coughing violently as the stench of rotting flesh and smoke filled my nose and mouth.

I opened my eyes as the world around me finally sunk into my mind. Bodies littered the street before me, as fires raged unchecked everywhere. I looked back at the building I escaped, gasping in shock as more than half of the building was gone. I stumbled backwards, tripping over something on the ground. “Oomph” escaped my lips, before realizing that what I stumbled over what the body of a co-worker. I scrambled away, before twisting and vomiting on the ground below me. After a few minutes of retching I lean back away from my mess, sobbing as the world burned around me.

Time passed slowly, before I stood up and walked down the street in a daze. The sounds of explosions and screams echoed in the city. The sound of hurried footsteps cut through my daze as a woman appeared from the smoke; tears and panic evident on her soot-stained face. She noticed me, and rushed, grabbing my arms as she shook me.

“Everyone! Everyone is dead!” she cried hysterically. I stood there, looking at her curiously before shaking myself out of my stupor.

“Wha…what happened?” I asked, the question sounding stupid in my mind.

“They thought it was an attack! They thought, but they were wrong. They were wrong!” she sobbed, never releasing my arms. I grabbed her arms back, shaking her hard to get her attention.

“WHAT HAPPENED!?” I demanded, the woman didn’t stop sobbing as she met my eyes.

“It’s everywhere! Every city, every country. We don’t know” she hiccuped, “We don’t know. The entire planet seems to be at war! Explosions, earthquakes, floods, fire” she collapsed to her knees, “People started to drop dead where they stood. I don’t know what happened” she said as she collapsed to the ground. I stared frantically at her, pulling away from her as blood started to spill from her ears. That’s when I noticed the large gash across her chest start to spill more blood. I dropped back to her side, pushing against the wound on her chest,

“Sssshhh It’s going to be okay” I tried to soothe her as she tried to push my hands away.

“I’m dying… The governments have crumbled” she coughed as blood started to come out of her mouth, “There is nothing left” I felt the tears streaming down my face. She grabbed the collar of my shirt, forcing me to look into her eyes,

“This is our punishment, but” she coughed again, “but we have to fight, we have to fight…don’t stay here. Run. It is not safe. Don’t trust anyone. Fight. They are coming” her voice grew weaker.

“WAIT!! Wait” I shouted at her, forcing her to look at me, “WHO IS COMING?!” She smiled up at me,

“Thank you for not letting me die alone. Now run.” she whispered before closing her eyes, her last breath leaving her body. I stared down at her in shock. An explosion nearby shook me out of my reverie as I looked around me. The sky itself seemed to be on fire, as the clouds reflected the flaming earth below. I stood up, my legs shaking as I stumbled away from the dead woman, before breaking into a run. The world roaring behind me as it chased me out of the city.

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