I Know No Enemies

I know no enemies, except one…
Her eyes are the same as mine
Grey-blue, they never seem to smile with the curve of lips

Come with me
And you’ll see

no diatribes that slice through the thickest of skin
for I know no enemies than the one…

With a pulled back mane that held too tightly onto ideals in magazines and movie stars.

I know no enemies to this life,
except her…as she lives alone in a world devoid.

Yet I know none more gentle,
Ready with a quick-wit and a smile that never…reaches her eyes.

but begs you to take her hand
and learn how to fly

There is no defeat
nor success,
as each day new regrets burn within her,
and shoulders sag under this weight.

And as much love as I can bare to place upon her, is felt with equal hate.

I know    no enemies, as bitterly-beautiful     as she

With scars marring her once smooth skin
That I know so well as to have become a stranger to it.

It defies explanation, when paradise is too easily viewed if she turns to it.

But she knows no enemies in this life
but one.

Take a look, and you will see
This is the only world we know

where   we  truly  wish   to   be

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